Friends, old and new, never cease to amaze us

Kreg’s old friend from  Dearborn High School, John Stevenson, is now a middle school teacher in Austin Texas.  Look at what he and his students have done.  It’s an incredibly heartwarming act of awareness, support and kindness.  Thank you Canyon Vista Middle School and Doogal. Even though none of these kids have ever met Kreg, they are an inspiration to him.



One thought on “Friends, old and new, never cease to amaze us

  1. Monica Hamrick

    Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you, Elizabeth, Kreg, and your beautiful family! I wish we had kept in touch when you all moved to Texas, and I am so glad I found you again so that we can focus our thoughts, prayers, and positivity on you all! Your love was and is an inspiration!


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