Monthly Archives: May 2017

Tieg Bean

Every now and then, I meet someone I know is truly special. A one of a kind person. Tieg Bean goes down as one of them. I know his parents (great people), but I had never met Tieg, until one day, right after my diagnosis, he came to my house and said “I want to help you”. He went on explaining to me about his foundation, The Pink Whales Foundation (  It is made up of ex college lacrosse players (Tieg played at Bryant) who play lacrosse, party and raise money for people in the community who need help (like the marathon bombing victims (they raised several thousand $)). He wanted to do a golf tournament for ALS. So the KP41 Golf Tournament was formed (

I don’t know about you, but when I was in my early 20s forming a nonprofit to help others was the furthest thing from my mind. Not Tieg’s. You don’t want your kids to grow up like our President, you want them to be like Tieg Bean. If you have a couple of spare nickels in your pocket consider tossing some their way.

Well on a final note and the reason I’m hacking with my eyes today is to report some good news. Tieg is going to get married! He and his girlfriend Sam announced on St. Patrick’s Day. Congratulations you two!