We have also chosen two funds that will directly impact Kreg in his journey- one medically and one assistively.

Mass General- ALS Clinical Research Fund

The Massachusetts General Hospital is poised to change the future with ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases by accelerating research discoveries that will lead to treatment and cures sooner, rather than later. Private philanthropy has been essential to our success so far in identifying new genes and testing new therapies, and it will be a critical part of determining when and how we cure ALS.

The ALS Research Fund allows our scientists to spend less time writing grants and more time at their research benches where their skills are best used pursuing innovative new ways to understand and combat this devastating disease. Much progress has been made, and there is great hope for the future.

Basic Research: Massachusetts General Hospital Leads the Way

The Massachusetts General Hospital leads the country’s most comprehensive program for ALS research, spanning the full range from clinical care to basic science research. The research program includes genetic research, molecular research, drug discovery, animal studies, and human clinical trials of potential new therapies. This research is complemented and coordinated with a large, multidisciplinary outpatient practice staffed with ALS specialists- physicians, nurses, and therapists. The MGH sets itself apart by harnessing the power of collaboration and cooperation, bringing together world-recognized leaders from diverse disciplines and institutions, a cadre of gifted rising stars, the best of a new generation of physicians-in-training and heroic patients whose participation in clinical trials is essential for progress.

You can help
Donations made by private individuals and foundations are a critical source of funding for ALS research at Massachusetts General Hospital. Federal funding for ALS research is an important but limited resource—in recent years grants have become scarcer and limited in scope to focus on well-established, long-running research projects.

Creative, new ideas for tackling this disease must be funded by other means. Private donors are essential partners for the MGH investigators who are conducting the genetic and stem cell research, drug discovery and basic science that will lead us forward.
Please consider making your gift to the ALS Research Fund today.

Speak Your Mind Foundation

We had a sit down with the founder , Dan Bacher in late August and found him so delightful and innovative. His foundation is about making communication devices for people that have lost their speech.  As Kreg’s disease progresses, he will be a user so let’s support him by paying it forward.


We’ve created this PayPal where you can deposit whatever gift you may choose directly into a special account set up for Kreg.

10 thoughts on “Fundraising

  1. Liz Haynes DHS '81

    The Class of ’81 is collecting money towards the golf out sponsorship. Is their an address checks can be sent to or a paypal site only for that? LMK- Thanks DEARBORN HIGH SCHOOL HAS YOUR BACK!!

  2. Mark Felag

    We, the RI USAFA Parent’s Group, will be doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at the Air Force Academy football field on the Friday of Parents Weekend in your honor. It is my understanding that they will show it at the game on Saturday. The best of luck and prayers as you fight this fight!

  3. Rachel B.

    It’s not a huge donation but I hope that if we are enough out there, together we can make a big difference in helping you. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending loads of positive thoughts xx Greetings from France.

  4. Nicole

    You are an amazing family and will get through this. I send a blessing to you and hope and wish for the best on this hard journey of yours may you find health, happiness, and recovery.

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  6. Elise Howard

    Dear Kreg, Elizabeth & Family,
    The website you have put together is amazing! Just goes to show others how strong you are as a family. Like we have expressed to Kreg before he is a strong individual who has delt with bumps along the way and has overcome them. With that being said if anyone can take ALS head on and beat it it’s YOU. A family like yours can only help him overcome such challenges day in and day out. We will keep you all in our thoughts everyday. Stay Strong, YOU CAN DO IT!

    The Howard Family


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