Monthly Archives: July 2017

Thanks Judith!

Judith Diaz has been cutting my hair since I have gotten ill. Her dedication to helping me look good (not easy) is beyond words. Keep in mind I had never met her prior to becoming sick. She opens her studio to me on her days off to wash and cut my hair, trim my nails (stinky feet included), massage kinks out of my neck (highly recommended) and removing hair that grows in places that it shouldn’t be growing. She uses hot wax and little strips of paper to remove such hair. The pain this causes an individual is so great that it should replace water boarding as a preferred torture technique! Judith seems to take great pleasure in causing this pain. She must enjoy causing pain to herself too, as she took the 41 jersey for a spin in the Bristol half marathon on July 4th. She made it! Congrats Judith and thank you for grooming and manscaping me.judith