Surgery Round 2

Kreg had to undergo a second round of surgery on Thursday. Hopefully this time everything goes as planned.

Wednesday, April 16 ,

The doctors realized something was not right as Kreg was in an abnormal amount of pain. He was also showing diminishing strength in his legs and complete lack of mobility, so the doctors sent him in for an MRI. They found great inflammation caused by the Stem Cell procedure and determined there needed to be an intervention. Surgery would be required to go back into the incision site and a insert a spine graft to expand the dura around the cord to allow the inflammation room to run its course. They took fascia from a second surgery site, his lower back, and inserted it into the first surgery site. They also hit him with a huge dose of steroids to help quell the inflammation and protect those little stem cells.

They wheeled him away at 10:30 am for a 3-4 hour surgery, which of course turned into a 6 and a half hour surgery. He came out of the OR and into the ICU in a load of pain and anger. Only after tons of pain meds and even more photos of dogs and gabby and Kyle, he settled down. And he started to heal, right in front of eyes.

Friday, April 18

Kreg still has pain but it’s surgical site pain. That’s the appropriate pain and manageable! The surgery was a success and the healing process is amazing. We watched him just rejuvenate , like the lovely Spring outside.

Saturday, April 19
Mobility is his new objective. pt is waiting for the ok from the surgeon to work on sitting up. He’s got plenty of healing to do.

Sunday, April 20

After a long and sleepless night, Kreg is finally resting. He spent the night coughing a lot and an X-Ray was ordered immediately. The results showed some fluid in one of his lower lungs, which happens to patients every now and then. He’ll be treated with an antibiotic so that it doesn’t get infected. He’s now being inspected for infectious disease in his spine and will be partaking in multiple studies regarding his spinal fluid. Things are tough and exhausting here. Please keep hoping for the best.

CP and Kreg's dad Andy

CP and Kreg’s dad Andy



11 thoughts on “Surgery Round 2

  1. Shabana

    We’re all hoping and praying for you! Everyone has shown such an incredible amount of strength and courage through this entire process. Hang in there!!!!!

  2. Kelly Goodsel

    Thanks for the updates. Love the Sweater Mr. P.! We’ll let the foam finger stay if it helps Kreg feel better.

    Parents and Brother are in Reno and send their thoughts and prayers as well as ours, the Goodsel’s from PA.


  3. Bonnie Soper

    Hey Palko’s!

    The running of the marathon yesterday made me think of all of you. Kreg you are running your own marathon right now, and even though we can’t run it with you, we are all on the sidelines cheering you every step of the way! Keep up the fight! Feel our cheers and support!

    You are very loved, all of you.

  4. Frankie Royer

    Wish so much that we could help you in this trying time for you and yours. Please let Kreg know that we love all of you and are praying for a miraculous outcome.
    I love you,

  5. Carol Hamilton

    Thinking of you all!! I know this must be sooo hard…I’m so sorry!! I am sending prayers, hopes, good vibes…heck, I’ll send anything that will help. Also, hoping you’ve had the opportunity to meet a dear, beautiful, relative-in-law, a nurse name Katy Selvitella. I will send her with my love, in case you do meet. We’re across the bridge…WHATEVER WE CAN DO!!! XO, Carol

  6. sallie newton

    Hi my beautiful friends … hang in there Kreg and take charge … you can do this and make history at the same time … Elizabeth … let me know how I can help in anyway … want relief I will come up and take you to lunch … need anything at the house I will help there too…
    love you both !!!
    Sallie and Scott

  7. Melissa & Dan

    Hey guys,

    Thinking of you all the time. This is the reason Kreg is the Courage award winner — go Kreg, go stem cells, go Palkos!!

    Much love to all of you,

    Melissa & Dan


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