A New Lease on Life

Kreg said to me yesterday. “I think I know why my mind is so clear and I’m talking so much. I have a new lease on life!”

Kreg and I┬áhave been so fortunate to be in this incredible hospital with these wonderful people. We look forward to seeing the sun rise every morning. This study has been stretched so wide, leaving no stone or cell unturned. The brain capacity into Kreg’s condition is as big as his courage. We are so grateful to everyone that has supported us in every way.

He continues to bypass that horrible nerve pain from the first week and is participating in as much PT and OT as they can bring. He has made it to the recliner and is enjoying having his feet flat on the floor, a big part of recovery. I just hope he doesn’t get too attached to that recliner- not in our house…..

He has big physical gains, is tapering off the meds and is full steam ahead on the charm. He’s advising all the nursing students on the basic principals of a close shave.

We have many more days in Boston, that’s for sure but a repeat MRI shows decreased inflammation, yay!, and the chest xray is clear. Kreg is going win this race! Thanks for all the support, the favors, the prayers and the love. We appreciate them all.

Those stem cells will be playing hard soon. We will keep you informed!

11 thoughts on “A New Lease on Life

  1. Kathy and Will Kain

    We think of you every day and are so inspired by your courage and the wonderful love and support your family gives you. So glad to hear you are more comfortable. Sending love and our prayers – keep that amazing attitude and stay strong!

  2. Ann Mills

    Happy Birthday to you tomorrow, Kreg. I always look forward to your phone call on April 29, but this year I will cut you some slack. Hope to share a cold beer with you on our 50th. We are going to the Missions Baseball Game out at Wolfe Stadium. Nothing quite like a hotdog at a ballgame. Barry and I are thinking of you and are anxious to see those stem cells work their magic. If you have a speech therapist, hope she is giving your articulators a decent workout. Love to you on your birthday & love to Elizabeth, Goo and Peanut.

  3. The Larisas

    So glad to hear you are making progress!!! We’ve been thinking about you and checking for updates. Sending positive thoughts and energy so those stem cells do their work!
    Lou, Chris, Chelsea, and Caroline

  4. Perri Leviss

    Been thinking of you all. Our doggies played together all week. Sending lots of good thoughts from Barrington. You are all so brave.

    Perri and Jon Leviss

  5. Gary & Sally Bean

    Great to hear pain under control. Sitting in a recliner ….small victory but a big pleasure. Excited to see those stem cells continue to do their magic!.
    ‘fork in the eye’ ….thats Kreg. Thanks for the update Elizabeth. Love you both

  6. Ellen A Naughton

    Kreg, I’ve been checking the blog everyday following your progress. I am so happy to read things are going much better. Keep up that feisty attitude I grew to know. One day after your infusion had finished up I was removing your IV and attempting to be as gentle as I could as I took the tape off. Due to my kind caring manner I asked ” does this hurt”? Your response ” does sticking a fork in your eye hurt? Loved that response…Your amazing my friend…Keep it up Buddy…. Hello Elizabeth and kids…

  7. cammie

    so very happy to hear this news and your beautiful description. big, long hug…the kind when you wonder if i’m ever going to let go.

  8. Genia & Edward Floyd

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ann Marie Smith - Cheryl - Donna - Sherri

    Yea Kreg !!!!!!!! So happy that you doing well. That is great news!! We will keep praying for a quick recovery and that you will be home soon. Kreg, I have to be honest with you I am typing this on company time. your office Ladies are sending a big hug. O.K. where back to work… Ann -Marie -Cheryl – Donna – Sherri


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