Happy birthday!

Today is my dad’s birthday, and he turned a whopping 49 years old. Never would I have thought we would have to encounter these kinds of medical battles at this young of age, but his youth is persevering and pushing him through the fight. Today I got an update that he spent 20 minutes standing up on his feet assisted by a harness. This is the first time he’s been on his feet since surgery! Progress is slow but happening! From what I hear he’s determined to regain his strength and is working extra hard during physical therapy to get all the exercise he can get. Good friends have been visiting and keeping him company, and I can tell that’s really helping keep his spirits up. Thank you all for the positive comments, they mean a lot!

After all of this I know we’ll never take another birthday for granted. Happy birthday dad!


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15 thoughts on “Happy birthday!

  1. Asherr

    Happy belated Kreg! so happy to hear of ypur progress. we will continue to send thoughts and prayes.

  2. Scott Law

    Happy Birthday Kreg!! Thinking about you a lot these past few weeks. Very thankful to get the updates…even more pleased to hear about your progress!! So proud of you!! Keep pushing!!

    Scott Law

  3. The Larisas

    Happy Birthday, Kreg(albeit a few days late)!! Wonderful to hear that you are making some progress!
    Wishing you continued progress with your recovery so that you are home soon in Barrington.
    The Larisas

    PS LOVE the pic of Kyle, Gabby, and you!! Could they have been any cuter?!

  4. Tracey Shea

    Birthday wishes Kreg and continued good wishes to you everyday! Love, love, love the photo! Kyle looks really guilty–what did he sneak in to your birthday cake!! :) XO

  5. Shabana

    Happy Birthday!
    We’re all wishing you and your family an amazing, stupendous, gorgeous year ahead. And many, many more =D

  6. Richard Roehl

    Happy Birthday Kreg!
    After reading about all your skiing, hiking exploits, I know if anybody can beat this, it’s you.

    All the best,
    Rich Roehl
    p.s. Tigers are playing the chisox today; i’ll take the sox.

  7. Michelle Trigo

    Happy Birthday Kreg! Thank you so much for the updates. We continue to keep you and your family in thoughts and prayers.

    Much love from the Trigo’s

  8. John and Julie Gaffney

    Happy Happy Birthday…day late and a dollar short 😛
    Pumped to hear your progress! You continue to amaze and inspire.

    Hugs and prayers!!

    John and Julie

  9. Kelly Goodsel

    Happy Birthday Kreg (and supporting family members)…

    Thanks for the frequent updates and Kreg, keep pushing – we are all sending you our support!

  10. Bonnie Soper

    H a Pp Y Bi Rth D a Y!!!!

    What a great birthday present – for all of us – to hear that you are up and standing! So thoughtful of you to do something so amazing on your birthday!! I will get the leg press ready for you! Go! Go! Go!

    I am so inspired! Keep up the great progress!

  11. Mary Rainaldi

    Happy birthday Kreg.
    Psyched you’re walking my friend.
    Amazing you are!!!!
    Think of you guys every day.
    Love and prayers for you today as you celebrate.

  12. The Millard Family

    Happy 49th Kreg!! The neighborhood is missing you guys! Look forward to seeing you walking the dogs around the block soon!


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