Kyle and I took off from Boston early sunday morning and since then I’ve had to write a paper and take my final exam, so I apologize for the lack of updates. My mom is without a computer, so she’s trying to relay the latest news to me to post.

Recovery is proving much more daunting than anybody expected. Pain management is crucial right now as dad is experiencing more pain than expected. The surgery went perfectly, but they believe the inflammation is what’s causing his immobility. Dad is completely exhausted from aggressive physical therapy, followed by occupational therapy, followed by more physical therapy… His biggest accomplishment yet was sitting up on the edge of his bed with his feet on the floor. The days seem hard and long but he’s coping well. As my mom says, he’s become quite “charming”, befriending everybody who comes into his room. She says they have met some of the most wonderful, interesting, intelligent and giving people from all over the world and they are taking such good care of all of us.

At this point no one is sure when my parents will be headed home. For now it’s best he’s in the hands of MGH, and hopefully they can get the pain down and get him back to baseline. This is a big experiment and hopefully we are just paving the road toward success.

We’ll try to keep y’all up to speed on the rest of recovery!

what we need is pug therapy

what we need is pug therapy


7 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Gary & Sally Bean

    You are one tough dude and continue to demonstrate that daily. We think of you and your family daily and pray for your recovery. God Bless

  2. Kas Dyson

    Just back from being out of the country for the past 10 days and WOW — what a loaded 10 days the Palkos have had (we literally took off the day of Kreg’s surgery) … I’m sooooo happy for all of you! Many, many positive thoughts coming your way – some of them directed straight at the minions!!
    XOXO – Kas

  3. Bonnie Soper

    Hi Kreg,
    Sending lots of love! Be courageous and strong, and put your powerful mind to work directing those “minions” to their proper destinations, and tellling that inflammation to take a hike!
    Journeys are just that. From what I understand, your family journeys often had lots of twists and turns, but the end was always worth it. I know you’ll never stop fighting for that.
    Heaps and heaps of hugs,

  4. Sherry & John

    Thanks for the update Gabby….I’ve been thinking of your Dad and Mama all day. You know how close by we are…please text or email if we can do anything at all


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