Gift Baskets and Pug Visits!


Love from cousin Elle!

Love from cousin Elle!

Day two of recovery is going well! Late last night they solved some of the problems associated with the aggravating pain dad was experiencing, so today has gone a lot smoother! His pain levels have decreased and he’s much more talkative today. Mom and I ventured to the parking garage and pulled out a bathtub-sized gift basket from the back seat. It was so heavy we had to plop it in a wheelchair and wheel it up to the room. THANK YOU to everyone who put this together, we have enough goodies and snacks to sustain us for weeks! Everything from the Burt’s Bees (which I just slathered on his lips) to the yoga mat are greatly appreciated. We may also have to jeopardize our hospital stay by breaking out those bottles of wine and beer tonight.

Incoming patient

Incoming patient

As if the gift basket wasn’t enough, we were graced with a surprise visit from our other two family members! Our dog sitter (and life saver) Dawn brought Olive and Nelly to come see us, along with their friends and siblings! Kyle and I were thrilled to see them, and they were just as happy to see us. It took all the restraint I had to not sneak them into the hospital to see dad, but they probably would’ve torn the building down.

These two gestures encompass the immaculate support we are blessed with from all of our friends, family, and community. It’s not just the doctors and the nurses, it’s all of you that make this happen. We really, really appreciate it! 


look at those happy faces

excited visitors!


That’s her happy face

Now we’re just in the hospital room watching the Masters, and it appears dad is doing well as he’s insulted a few players and the disagreement with my grandfather and brother is plentiful. Good sign that things are getting back to normal!

sleepy doolie

sleepy doolie

8 thoughts on “Gift Baskets and Pug Visits!

  1. Perri and Jon Leviss

    We have been thinking of you all week. Sending lots of positive vibes and sunshine from Little Rhody. You all are an amazing family.

    Jon, Perri, Emmy, Becca + Hilo and Chowder

  2. Valerie & Joe Orbell

    Thinking of you all DAILY!!! Joe has been checking the site from the road and I cannot seem to walk past the MAC without checking on y’all…..Really appreciate Gabby’s posts….Your friends are in awe of your courage and commitment….and we mean the entire family….All loving thoughts and good juju….Val, Joe and Jacob (Orbell)

  3. Stephen Finger

    From a fellow pALS, thank you. Thank you for taking this leap. Thank you for fighting this fight. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for being an inspiration to other families facing this disease.

  4. Thank you

    Best of luck to everyone. You are all courageous for taking this step for the entire ALS community. I don’t personally know any of you but wanted to share the following website, April has a blog surrounding her ALS and she went through the same procedure in the end of October, I believe with fewer cells. Take care.

  5. John BERKERY


    If positive thoughts help I can assure you that your friends and the berkery family have been sending them. As dave has posted, there was a chest high swell in the water on Saturday. I was up early and paddle out alone at second beach as the sun was rising. The water was cold but the sun felt great. I was alone with my thoughts and was thinking about you. I feel good about your surgery and pray these stem cells do their job. I know you are probably going crazy in that hospital. Don’t worry you will be home soon sitting on your back deck feeling the warmth of the sun. See you soon JB

  6. Kim Serra

    Hi to the whole Palko Family

    Thanks for doing the daily updates! Can’t wait to see the picture of Kreg out of bed and walking. Been thinking about you guys daily and sending you healing thoughts.

    Kim Serra

  7. Dave and Denise Smith

    Couldn’t sleeps I got up and looked at a beautiful moon outside. LOVE the updates and Denise and I are thinking about Kreg and the whole amazing Palko family so much these days. LOVE the pics as well.

    Kreg, Berks went out today and scored some great waves. Burns reports that he got a full three second tube at Tuckermans and the kids spent the day in the yard playing with temps warmer than we’ve seen since last fall.

    Anyway, its 1:30 in the morning brother and I’m praying you are getting some rest and those worker-bee stem cells are right this minute patching up those dendrites! Just let me know if you want me to sneak in some cold coronas.


  8. Karyn (Kunzelman) Cochran

    Kreg doesn’t know me personally – I am a classmate of Kevin’s. I just wanted to say that it seems evident that the spirit, strength, courage (and willingness to jump off cliffs) that has taken Kreg to all the adventures of his life so far – are the same qualities that will take him through this next journey. Sending thoughts and prayers and good vibes daily to Kreg, and all of his immediate and extended family, daily!


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