End of day 1

It’s been a long day of recovery and we’re all feeling weary and a bit delirious. Dad was moved from ICU but also had to move from bed to bed and had a lot of discomfort today. It was a restless and uncomfortable day for him, and you can see him fighting the pain. Because of ALS he can’t be given high doses of pain medication or muscle relaxants as they could cause breathing complications. Today was filled with a lot of pain and some muscle spasms in his legs. His room is a flurry of doctors and nurses poking and prodding him, asking questions and providing explanations. He is exhausted and so are we. It’s really hard to watch him writhe in bed visibly tortured by the pain from his incision. But he is being so incredibly tough and trying not to show it as he talks to everyone who comes in the room. The next few days are going to be hard for all of us but we keep reminding ourselves why we had this surgery. ¬†Hopefully the pain decreases and he can get comfortable and get some sleep.

6 thoughts on “End of day 1

  1. April

    Hi, my name is April Moundzouris and I was told about you website today by a couple of people and have been reading through it every chance I’ve had. I know Kreg is in a lot of discomfort at this time and you are all tired. My family and I went through this October 30, 2013. I was the one on the table. I can say with experience this pain of recovering from surgery will end. I know it hurts to see him hurt. Hang in there! I actually started noticing improvements pretty fast after surgery. Most are documented on my blog, thealsexpress.com, please check it out. I can relate to so much of what you’ve written and have a feeling you will with my story. We don’t need to have the same lifestyle or background, ALS is an instant bond between people and with us both having the stem cell study in common, even more.
    I really hope he has the great results I’ve experienced! I’ll definitely be keeping up with what’s going on with your family and always sending positive vibes!
    You’ve put together a great website here, I like it a lot.
    I should be sleeping because I’m heading to Emory ALS Center in the morning for outcome measures from my procedure, and to continue with the Biomarkers study I’m in over a two day period.
    I just wanted to introduce myself and to tell you to feel free to contact me anytime. The best way is on my website’s, Contact Me, page or please feel free to leave an open message.
    Thank you for sharing your story with everyone!

  2. Ybarra Family

    Hang tough Palko’s. You have tons of support out here praying for you all. We can only imagine how tough this recovery process must be, but also know there are few families as strong as you. Your attitudes are inspiring and contagious. Keep the faith! We love you.
    Bruce, Tina, Anika, Tomas, Peter & Eli

  3. Carla Hunstad

    Kreg and Family,
    I wish I could help take some of the pain away. You are all showing incredible strength. I just know success is around the corner!
    Stay strong.
    Sending healing thoughts your way,,,,

  4. Clark and Frankie Royer

    Palkos, all of you guys are amazing! Kreg has to be the bravest man in the world and the rest of you are second to none. You have all shown tremendous courage and hope and a special love for one another. Gabby, the blogs have been personal, informational and so very caring. Elizabeth, I’m so proud to say that you’re my niece. Kyle, I would probably vote for you for President….of the U.S.A.
    Please know that we love all of you and are praying for you and so is our church here in Waycross, Georgia.
    Kreg, get well soon.
    Clark and Frankie


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