Day after surgery


Last night

Last night

It was a long and sleepless night in intensive care, but dad is doing okay! Besides the tremendous amounts of pain, he is passing all the other tests with flying colors. He is able to breathe well, communicate, open his eyes, flex his feet, and provide sarcastic answers to their attentiveness questions. He just got moved out of intensive care and out onto the regular floor, which is a great sign. He is still experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort, which makes sense because he has a massive incision in the back of his head running down along his spine and is missing three of his bones. They had to shave the lower half of his head, so it’s going to be interesting to see how he styles this particular recovery. Those of you who knew him as ‘wig’ in junior high will understand the importance of his hair. I told him he should shave it all off and go for the Heisenberg look. Will keep everyone posted on that aspect as well. Thanks for all the love, I’ve been showing him pictures and reading him some of your comments and he smiles and laughs at some of them. When I last saw him he was eating yogurt and sipping cranberry juice with a straw. Hopefully soon we can swap out juice for a beer, because God knows we could all go for one of those right now!

The intensive care floor

The intensive care floor

Mass Gen



8 thoughts on “Day after surgery

  1. Krysten Kitzman

    Looks like Kreg shouldn’t have thrown stones at Kyle’s “Supercuts” Haircut!!! Kyle will have some good ammo now! Your updates keep us all going, Gabby! You are amazing, and I am loving the photos as it makes me feel like I am there with you guys- thank you!

  2. cammie

    Kreg. I’m so sorry about the pain. Have you seen that Marine t-shirt that says, “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” ? I keep thinking of that when I think of you…stronger and stronger.
    Gabby…what a beautiful voice! Thanks for the updates.
    You Palkos are rock stars. Stay strong. With so much love, Cammie

  3. Movie

    Hang in there Kreg. The “other Surf Club” would like to join the BSC in quaffing a beer or two with you very soon.


    The PuAli Gang

  4. Jill Lancaster

    Gabby, thanks so much for keeping us all updated and the photos are great. It is a relief to hear Kreg is doing well after the surgery. I hope the pain goes away soon and you are all back home in no time. I can not believe some of Kreg’s vertebrae were removed – that is hardcore! Is he going to be shorter in height now? :) I am thinking of all of you. xx Jill

  5. Barrington Surf club

    Well Done! Kreg!
    You handled that surgery like head-high post hurricane screamer….. with grace, while everyone around you clenched their teeth.
    We may not be able to wait until you are released to have a beer with you. see if you can find out what the alcohol policy is at “Man’s Greatest Hospital” [MGH]

  6. Velma Floyd

    The azalea’s are in full boom here in Turbeville. Looking forward for your visit soon! Glad you doing so well, we know you’re in pain, BUT no pain no gain!
    Gabby, thanks for all the updates, you write beautifully. See you at Kyle’s graduation.

  7. The Millards

    Looking good! We’ll be sure to leave some interesting beers on your doorstep for his arrival home!


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