Surgery Update

Alas, there is a saying about things not quite going as planned.

The neural stem trials have been delayed for three weeks. The first surgery is scheduled for February 5 and Kreg appears to be second or third in line for that surgery. The bad news is he’s not first in line, but since they are going to do three or four surgeries in the next few months, it appears very likely that Kreg will get the surgery done in that timeframe. Keep your fingers crossed and keep the good vibes, prayers and love coming his way. We have hope!

6 thoughts on “Surgery Update

  1. David Dye

    Keep fighting, you’ve got our thoughts and prayers. From all I’ve heard from Kyle and read on here if anyone has the courage and fortitude to beat this it’s you Kreg. Looks like “we have the technology” it’s just a couple more weeks/ extra Ben And Jerry’s runs away.

  2. Brenna Rock

    Was thinking of you guys all day today- fingers and toes crossed that the surgery will happen soon, until then keep moving, smiling, and laughing :) Sending positive thoughts and prayers -Brenna

  3. Ashton Green

    Really amazing to see how strong you and your family are. I’m so fortunate to be a part of it. Keep on keepin on. Love and hugs from New York.

  4. Laura Floyd

    Praying for sweet Kreg to get one of the next spots and for it to be successful! Much love and many prayers!


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