Home at Last!

First off, my family and I would like to thank everyone who donated their time, effort, and money to make the ALS Evening of Hope such a great success. My dad would like to especially thank all of the volunteers from Barrington who worked so hard to set up the beautiful night! We had over 500 people come out and support my dad and the fight against ALS. Overall, the event raised over $140,000 for the Rhode Island ALS Association, the most ever! And the success can only be attributed to all of you! A story about it is here.

Well, after an unexpected three month stay in the hospital, I’m happy to report that Kreg is back home! As many of you know, there were complications from the original surgery so they had to go back into his lower back to relieve some of the pressure and inflammation. The surgery really impacted his ability to move and set him back a couple of months in recovery. However, he spent the last month and a half at a rehabilitation hospital in Boston where the physical therapists worked every day to help him regain his strength. His strength is slowly returning to his legs and he’s confident that he’ll be walking in a short time.

The transition from the hospital to home is difficult. We’re slowly getting into a good routine but everything has to be done much slower now. Thankfully, the neighborhood and friends have been so supportive dropping off dinner and groceries. You guys are life savers! We also have this new, bad-ass van to drive around in. The next few weeks will be dedicated to perfecting the routine and just integrating my dad into real life again. I think one of the things that makes him most happy about being home is that he can have a beer anytime without hiding it (looking at you Lafayette Court). He’s cheerful and if you’re around in the neighborhood, you’ll probably see him walking the dogs or inspecting the lawn. Even with ALS, you can’t stop the pride he has in his immaculate grass.

Even though we had our setbacks, we’re in a better place because of everyone. From the Air Force buddies traveling across the US to visit, the neighbors dropping by to help with chores around the house, to everyone around the world sending kind words of encouragement, I thank you for making this journey that much easier for my family.

We’ll keep posting updates on the therapy and progress so keep in touch!


5 thoughts on “Home at Last!

  1. Shabana Lakdawala

    So happy to hear that the family is back home again. Paula and the team here were just wondering about Kreg and the family. Paula and I read your family’s truly wonderful blog whenever we get a chance. It’s great to hear you’re back. We’re sending our well wishes and prayers to you for a safe and quick recovery!

  2. The Larisas

    So happy to hear that you are home!! Must feel so nice to wake up in your own bed, be outside in your yard, be with your family and those adorable pugs. We continue to think about you and hope that you continue to get stronger and make progress in your recovery.
    The Larisas

  3. Joe Abel

    We ran into Charlie Bestard at DFW over Christmas and have been following your trials and tribulations ever since. Your determination and your family’s support have been inspirational. We wish you and your family the best. Welcome home.
    Joe and Michelle Abel

  4. Emily

    This is pretty awesome! Kreg, I expect you to be ready for a yoga session when I come to visit in August! Love you all! So happy!

  5. Kip sorenson

    Hang in there Kreg. Bet it’s so nice to be home. Hope to pop in sometime for a short visit. Get better soon. Kip


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