Thanks everyone for all and every thing you do for us. We feel the love!

Kreg and I have been busy and are sorry there’s been little posting going on. Gabby is graduating soon and is busier than ever writing her thesis (and not her dad’s ALS blog post) on how cow poop is hurting our climate. It is, I know it, but Kreg and I are only cutting back on our beef and meat- for that matter, intake and are not full blown vegan as Gabby and Kyle have gone. More on that another time. I may actually post a link to both kids incredible efforts as they both wrote thesis and are graduating this spring. Kyle from The AF Institute of Technology with his Master’s in Operations Research and Gabby from Colorado College in Environmental Policy. BIG things ahead for both!!!

Graduation, March 14, 2016

AFIT Graduation, Masters of Science, Operations Research, Dayton, OH,  March 24, 2016

Kreg has also graduated…. to a new chair! It’s hands down-kick ass! He can stand in it! and standing probably SIX feet 4″ or 5″ at that! It’s great for him to stretch, good for weight bearing qualities on his bones and no US Veteran with working legs should get any other chair- This one is good!

Gabby: "when your dad turns into a Transformer" January, 2016

Gabby: “when your dad turns into a Transformer”
January, 2016

On to ALS: We have lots and LOTS of help but it’s still hard. ALS just sucks- flat out. I know everyone is sending us their love and we can not thank you enough. Keep it up. ALS continues to progress, but slowly and we want you all to know that because of all your love and support, We can keep our faces to the sunshine:)

Please know how we miss you friends. It’s tiring for Kreg to type emails and texts so I will try to post more with him dictating to me. And when Gabby is home after CC, We will all look forward to some of her clever writings.

Sending big love for now-





6 thoughts on “Hanging in there:)

  1. Annemarie Galvin

    Kregor, i think of you everyday. It brings a smile to my face everytime i think of the fishing trip Gabby and Kyle joined me. It was a great day! Fondly Digga (Annemarie)

  2. Carla and Cole Hunstad

    Hi Kreg and Elizabeth,
    Love the new chair! So happy for you. Cole and I continue to send loving prayers your way and we think of you often.
    Carla and Cole

  3. Jon Podany

    Love the new chair! Sending you thoughts, prayers and love. Congrats to Gabby and Kyle! Hope to see you see you all this summer if I can get to the Northeast.

  4. Kas Dyson

    Hey Kreg and Elizabeth!!
    Thanks for the cool post – love the new stand-up chair … Kreg, you have always been a tall dude, but Zowie!!
    On a separate note – I’m retiring from the Reserves on May 20th and will contact you soon about that!
    Love to all of you!


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