Goodnight from intensive care!

It has been a LONG day but I’m thrilled to report that everything is going smoothly! The entire surgery took about 8 hours, during which they used a diamond cutter to get to his spinal cord and then stuck him with 20 injections of stem cells. Dad no longer has three of his upper vertebrae but instead has a couple million stem cells making their way through his nervous system. Crazy.

When we first saw him fresh out of surgery he was clearly in a lot of pain and still really groggy from all the drugs and anesthesia. That was about 3 hours ago and I’m with him now and he has visibly improved. He is definitely still in a lot of pain, but is evidently making his way toward recovery. I read a lot of your comments to him and he showed a little smile listening to what everyone had to say, so thank you guys so much for reaching out. All of a sudden the magnitude of the situation hit me today and I can’t help but feel incredibly lucky for so many reasons. We are all so lucky that we were in the right place at the right time for this surgery. We’re lucky my mom is so damn organized and strong, because she’s really the superhero behind all of this. We’re lucky dad is so courageous and tough to bear the pain and uncertainty of this experimental surgery. And we’re also so incredibly lucky to have such outstanding friends and family in our lives. Your words of encouragement gave us confidence to make it through the day. Your gifts kept us entertained and well fed during a 12 hour day in the waiting room. And your humor allowed us to keep our sanity during such a hectic time.

Palko Strong love from the Floyds

Palko Strong love from the Floyds

Positive vibes from the East Bay Surgery Center family!

Positive vibes from the East Bay Surgery Center family!

Dad is spending the night in intensive care, and I’m cozied up in a nice leather armchair right next to him for the night. The doctors and nurses have been tremendous, and during our brief conversation just a few minutes ago, dad muttered “this is the best hospital in the world”.

Everyone (including ourselves) wants to know when he’ll be out of the hospital, how long recovery is, what results are expected, etc. I wish we could provide answers, however he is only the second trial in this study, so he’s really just a guinea pig in this whole experiment. The doctors and the researchers conducting the study don’t have answers to those questions. They’re watching him to deduce those answers. They estimate he’ll be hospitalized for 4-7 days, then are hoping to see some results in a month or two. And who knows what those results will entail. This disease has taken us on one hell of a journey, and hopefully these little cells will reverse our path and lead us to a much brighter destination.

He is fast asleep now and I’m exhausted myself, so I will let everyone know how he’s doing in the morning! Thank you again for everything you guys have done, you have no idea how much we appreciate it! Goodnight!

13 thoughts on “Goodnight from intensive care!

  1. Carol Hamilton

    YESSSSS!!!!! Boy, those little smiles must have been like food for the soul!!! I’m going to send this around TDI…we’re all rooting for you over here, and ready to help in any way we can!!

  2. The Other 3 Lafayette

    Thanks for the updates, Gabby. We’re hoping that today is going well…and especially that your father is comfortable. His determination and love for life will get him through this! (Hope you got some sleep in the nice leather armchair!) Love and hugs from the Court.

  3. Terry Bennett

    So glad everything went well with the surgery. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    All the staff at the ENT Center wants you to know they are thinking of you and I will keep them updated.
    We hope you recover well and will soon be home.
    Let us know if you need anything- Bruce and I have every movie ever made and I will run them over to you.

  4. Bonnie Soper

    Hi Palko’s!

    Hoping Kreg had a restful night and all those little ‘minions’ are going about their business already! I love Kreg’s comment about the hospital – even grogged out and in pain he makes sure to make others feel good! You’re awesome Kreg! Hang in there everybody! Still sending heaps of hugs!

  5. Christian Altman

    We love you all to the moon and back!!! We are saying prayers always. Keep strong and know that we are amazed by your strength and courage. Tell Kreg we love him!!!

  6. Alice

    Lovely Gabby,
    My whole fam reads the blog — such amazing writing! — and we are all sending ALL our positive energy and thoughts to the incredible Palko fam!
    You are all an inspiration (and are just the coolest!)
    Love Alice & the Burgesses

  7. Sherri Junior

    Gabby you are one amazing young lady! Thank you so much for taking precious moments from your time with your dad and your family to share his journey with all of us! We at East Bay truly appreciate all of your efforts and will keep dad, mom and the rest of your family in our continued prayers! (((Hugs)))
    P.S. great picture! 😉

  8. Andrew Shea

    Sending positive Shea Vibes from Pensacola! Great job Palkos! I guess I can say Go Air Force just this once!

    Go Palkos! Beat ALS!

    1. CP

      Thanks a ton Gabby for the news feeds. We all want them to keep coming. While I’d really like to crash through the MGH doors with a few Tuckerman’s Pale Ales for the big guy, I’ll hold off for now and let the stemmies be free of interference.


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