Monthly Archives: April 2014

Here We Go!!!

We are off to Boston tomorrow to meet our family before walking over to Massachusetts General Hospital together on Thursday morning, April 10,  for Kreg’s 7 to 8 million stem cell transplant!

Thank you for all the well wishes and support, the BIG love and the prayers. We feel them all. Remember, this is a big experiment- but we have such encouragement that incredible things will come of it.

When the Palkos head out on a trek of some sort, Kreg always, always!!! pushes us to follow him to that perfect spot;  that spot that no human has ever laid eye on, that he knows will just present itself……for that yummy, prized backpack lunch.  He has usually pushed all our buttons by that point as well, and just when we can’t take it or each other any more, voila’- we are there!  All is good and very worth the effort.

I think Kreg is on a trek again. He has led this search for an opportunity to challenge nature and human biology. We have learned of amazing research and technology, met knowledgeable and energetic people, and experienced super-human kindness in every way, shape and form. Kreg is and will always lead the way- even in ALS. He’s helping to write the book!

Check in often, we will keep you posted.

WIth much love, Elizabeth