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When we first thought up the idea of creating a website for Kreg, one of the things proposed to the Palkos was a way of accepting gifts from friends.  As all of us know, and as we’ve certainly seen through this journey, they’re proud and strong and therefore, were dead set against it.

Nevertheless, the questions persisted and people continued to ask us over and over again, “I want to give something to Kreg and Elizabeth directly, how can I do so? I want to have a fundraiser for Kreg, how do I get the proceeds to him?  I want to buy something for Kreg that will ease this time for him, please tell us how to do so.”  Still, they were hesitant.

Finally, the combination of our continued insistence that they find a way to accept your generosity coupled with the realities of this illness have brought Kreg and Elizabeth to the point of saying “thank you for your generosity, it’s not required, we’re overwhelmed by your kindness and thoughtfulness, and the last thing we want to seem is unappreciative of your heartfelt intentions.”

To ease this process for you, we’ve created this PayPal link on the website where you can deposit whatever gift you may choose directly into a special account set up for Kreg to help offset some of the costs of this course of treatment, to help create a living space for him that will allow him to stay comfortable in his own home, and to help him maintain an active lifestyle and keep him outdoors, where he belongs, as much as possible.

This donate button will also be accessible on the Fundraising page.

A letter to our friends and family

Hi everyone,

Kreg and I would first of all, like to thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers, and kind words of encouragement for this family. We can’t tell you how wonderful it is to know that so much support is there for us.

As you may know, Kreg has had many challenges in his incredible life and he is now about to face the ultimate challenge.  We think he is up to it. As one of Kreg’s good friend’s recently wrote to him: “Kreg, you are the strongest person I know, if anybody can beat this, you can.”  We couldn’t agree more. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is not only going to challenge Kreg, it is also going to be a challenge to the whole Palko family, and we want to include you.

The purpose of this website is to keep everyone informed and updated not only on Kreg’s progress, but on various fundraising efforts for ALS and the progress of new and exciting innovations in the race for a cure. We plan to write a monthly update on all things surrounding the family and Kreg- with lots of information on the disease and the innovations that we will try.  Please check in and contribute with your own personal thoughts and stories- (that are for all to read!) celebrating Kreg’s world.

Please know that Kreg is surrounded and supported by life-giving medical professionals and game changing innovators in Providence (Rhode Island Hospital and the VA) and Boston ( Mass. General Hospital) and has a incredible primary care physician in Dr. Andrea Arena In Barrington.

Kreg is not afraid of experimental medications and clinical trials. He is willing to do what he can to not only to potentially help himself, but maybe he can help others as well. He is currently taking an experimental drug called Gilenya to slow the progression of the disease, so  keep all fingers crossed.  We are hoping that he will be chosen to participate in a Stem-Cell research trial at Massachusetts General Hospital in early 2014 called Brainstorm. We will continue to investigate all modes forward- and please don’t hesitate to help us here!

Many of you have voiced the desire to help the Palko Family financially. We have chosen two funds that will directly impact Kreg in his journey- one medically and one assistively.  Please visit the fundraising page of this website for further information.

Thanks to our close friends Kris Mineau and Ken Rosenquest, friends from Kreg’s Air Force Academy days and now a part of his professional world, whose generosity of time and support have helped create this incredible website where we can all journey through this together.

Kreg and I hope we haven’t caught you off guard with all of this but, we have to tell you~ ALS catches you off guard. Thanks for taking this challenge with us. Chin up and we look forward to hearing from all of you!

All our love,

Elizabeth and Kreg